Welcome & Thank you for taking a look at my photography site...

I was born in Devon in 1966, as a child i never valued where i lived, thinking it was boring, dreaming of bright lights and hot countries was a must as i got older. Working full time does have a impact on time i can spend on my hobby, my weekends are very full.

I have always liked Art, colours tones & hue`s,my first adventure was to try Painting, which i did for about 2yrs and greatly enjoyed.

I decided i needed a new Hobby and photography seemed to be there in the back of my mind, and I rediscovered this beautiful county we live in and was enveloped in the Pleasure & Passion i was able to get with a photograph.

I decided to go to a photography club, to better myself and met a lot of new friends with the same passion as me FANTASTIC...Hello Bickington Photography Club.

I have a page on 500PX & thought i would love to have my own web site, looking into different sites i chose Photium and love it...

I hope i give inspiration to all other Photographers out there!!!

Kind Regards
Maria Selley